I thought that following the dreadful floods a few years ago that Somerset was due a nice, cold, wintry, snowy Christmas. The most memorable part about the grounds in the snow is that… the dogs change colour. It is almost the only time of the year that Moth and Tank are not carrying an undercoat of thick, red mud.

In a fit of nostalgia for those few days of having dogs with auburn coats, I am re-posting the pics from a the last snow we had here.

And wondering if we will ever have anything but rain, rain, rain ever again? I suppose at least this year we have escaped the worst of the flooding in Somerset. But it would be oh so lovely to have a hoarfrost again, or even a frost, also absent so far this winter. We have roses growing on the front of the house, the geraniums are still in flower and the artichokes in the walled garden think it is March. Oh, and the snowdrops are coming out, a full month earlier than usual. Hello January 2016!


moth tank snow tank in snow tank snow Hoarforst on laburnum Hoarfrost on the laburnum by house Hoarfrost Lime avenue hoarfrost Lime avenue hoarfrost2